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Zebras from Heaven, Celebrating Interethnic Relationships: One Couple's Journey Transcending Issues of Race, 2007 (Memoir)          

by Kim-Marie Walker       

Are interracial couples role models for race relations? What really happens behind closed doors?

Walker, an African American, invites readers inside her marriage to a 'white' man. With the Top 10 Reasons to Celebrate Interethnic Relationships, Zebras from Heaven takes you on a wild ride inside a marriage where race-centric issues deepen intimacy in a union once taboo.​​

Book Reviews

“[This book] gives the reader multiple gifts. Not only is it a window into Walker’s personal life, interracial marriage, and consciousness raising concepts on humanness and communication, it provides accurate information on some of the more important events in multiracial history.  In addition it gives the reader the opportunity to share the book with others by providing very thought provoking questions that validate the multiracial experience and can serve to educate those that are willing to learn about the richness and challenges of interracial marriage, parenting and identity.”  Nancy G. Brown, MN, CNS, Association of MultiEthnic Americans (AMEA), Multiracial Americans of Southern Californis (MASC) Co-founder

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Sanctuary, for women moving towards menopause & beyond, 2005 (Self-help cd) 

by Kim-Marie Walker


Are you pre-menopausal or in menopause?

Feel overwhelmed?


CD features original music, 18 tracks exploring inner awareness journaling, affirmations, and a guided meditation. ​

Sanctuary Reviews

"Sanctuary offers a much needed service in taking us on a journey back to ourselves." Kathy Vasquez, Kathy's Yoga, Anchorage, Alaska

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