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Lit Candles

My Twitter @KimMarieWalker tweet today: “Lit a candle on my ancestral altar in remembrance of lives lost/injured/displaced resulting from 5/31 - 6/1, 1921 BlackWallStreet massacre.” The massacre happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma, as the crow flies, 100 miles from where my paternal ancestors lived in Ada, OK. I was reminded of the ‘race riot’ by Denise Oliver-Velez’s article, written for Daily Kos. While I’m in Twitter I click another tweet’s heart, this time for the May 29th, 166-yr remembrance of Sojourner Truth’s epic ‘Ain’t I a Woman’ speech in Ohio. Each ‘day’ square on the monthly calendar, hanging on my office wall featuring Buena Johnson’s transcendent artwork, cites a Black History fact. B

God is Her Strength

Not knowing how to do something is not an excuse to do nothing. I learned this truth caring for Mom who had Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Focused on the nittty-gritty of whatever had to be done, I made peace with the unknown every minute of the day. People often say she died of “A-L-S” but I utter the eleven syllables to honor her eleven-month odyssey. Fearless, she forbade all life support measures while neurons systemically took away her speech, finger dexterity, lifting of arms, the ability to walk, and the ability to swallow—the last straw causing her beating heart to cease. One of a few writing samples written in response to the Nicollet Mall Public Art Lantern Project's call for poets

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