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18 Years: 'Lynched', the Journey of a Fiction Short Story

‘Lynched’, my 18-year old fiction story, was published in the Center for Black Literature’s Killens Review of Arts & Letters, October 2018. Following is the backstory to a work that as a teenager, is off to conquer the globe with they/she/he’s badass, unapologetic self. Forty years removed from childhood, I pluck Ray Bradbury’s Zen in the Art of Writing off a library shelf. It is the summer of 2000. In the chapter ‘Essays on Creativity’, Bradbury challenges writers to write of their loves, fears, and hates. As a child I was traumatized and terrified by pictures of black Americans—men, women, and children, hanging from trees, poles; some bodies charred. That some of those images became pictur

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